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The Toy Gun: Luke Allen-Gale

In The Toy Gun, Luke Allen-Gale, giovane attore britannico che ha recitato con Kenneth Branagh nella serie inglese Wallander, interpreta Ruggero Levati, colui che mette in moto la storia del libro e del film.

Ecco come viene descritto il personaggio dai produttori del film, Calach Films:

30 years-old, thick head of messy brown hair and unshaven cheeks, thin and unassuming, who is desperate after being dumped by his wife and love of his life. In fact, Giulia was the only thing that made him happy; his life revolving around her. In time, Ruggero realizes he really does have a solid backbone, a brain, and even a bulging dose of self-confidence, to make something of himself – for himself.